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Divine Energy Reiki Healing love hearing from you and are happy to answer any of your questions on Reiki, Reiki healing sessions, Reiki shares

and Reiki courses both for humans and pets. You too can be trained  to perform Reiki on yourself and loved ones! The fact that anyone can learn Reiki is incredible..  

 We will also be more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding hands on Reiki at our beautiful healing room or sending distant Reiki healing to you or your pet.

You can contact us via phone, email or facebook for more information on prices and availability.

Follow us on fb for updates on Courses, Events and Reiki Shares

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+ 61 415 621 030

+ 61 415 621 030




I can offer consultations online or in person.
All workshops are held in person or 
Online and personalised workshop date and time options are also availabe upon request.

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