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Emily Robb is highly qualified, having trained with the International Centre for Reiki Training

(ICRT) and is a Holy Fire III Reiki Master, a Usui Reiki Master and an Animal Reiki Master. Emily has trained with different Reiki Masters from Australia and Canada.  Emily's Reiki lineage is of the highest calibre which reflects in her healing practice and standards. Her knowledge of Reiki is vast.

Emily has had a deep connection with animals since she was young. Her desire to help and work with animals led her to a career in Veterinary Nursing for 22 years, a service dog trainer,a dog trainer and behavioural instructor and a small business owner of a boutique cattery after studying cat behaviour and psychology. 

Animals were not the only passion Emily pursued before her Reiki path began. 

Travelling extensively across the globe and lecturing Animal Studies at Oxford College were also  part of her journey.

Emily ironically stumbled upon Reiki when she accompanied a friend to attend a Reiki Workshop. Knowing very little about this modality and struggling with depression, financial

worries, marriage break up and a lack of self worth at the time. Emily was told Reiki would help.

Emily admits to having been very sceptical about Reiki initially but after the Reiki I workshop has not looked back. She claims Reiki literally changed her life and she just can not

imagine living without it now. The tools of Reiki have gifted her with self healing and

personal growth which have been phenomenal. Emily states it resonates with her entire being and that she has a deep calling to help others and to spread and share this beautiful ancient Japanese healing technique with as many beings as possible.

Emily is very passionate and excited to have this opportunity to

make a differnce to the lives of both people and animals with this relaxing non invasive modality.

Reiki Master
Divine energy


Emily's mission is to share her knowledge and wisdom and assist in healing as many animals and people mentally, physically and emotionally as possible. Reiki has a ripple effect.

Changing the life of one soul has the ability to change the lives of many that they come into contact with.

It is such a priviledge as a teacher to have the tools to achieve this.  Reiki has the ability to change our perspective and removes much of our fear based emotions, turning it instead into a sense of peace, calm and love.

Emily would love for Reiki to be part of every day living in society.  The health benefits are so vast it is life changing.   

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